Frequently Asked Questions


Will my REB# change from ROMEO?
No; your current six-digit REB number for all studies will remain the same in WesternREM.
What happens to my studies that are in ROMEO?
Western will be migrating currently approved studies in 2 phases. During the first phase all studies which have received REB approval in ROMEO prior to August 31, 2017 will be migrated. This migration will include full study title, REB number, PI name, all Research Support Staff name(s), start date, end date, if Lawson affiliated, and FDA status. What is not being migrated over in the first phase is any information about post approval events (i.e., amendments, Continuing Ethics Reviews (CER), Reportable Events (e.g., SAE, PD, DSMC, FYI)). This information will be migrated during the second phase that will happen at a later date. Also being migrated during the second phase will be all studies which received REB approval in ROMEO after Aug 31, 2017 and the corresponding post approval events for those studies. Important Note: No study documents will be migrated with the files. You will need to either retrieve these documents from your files, by logging in to ROMEO, or by contacting the OHRE.
How long will ROMEO be acccessible?
ROMEO will remain available until further notice to finalize outstanding recommendations from the OHRE and to access old files submitted in ROMEO.
Where can I find educational material?
Ongoing training will be available. Training manuals and modules for the WREM system will be available online on our website: Or User guides and training videos can be found by clicking the Help tab along the top black navigation bar within WREM and then selecting Help from the drop down options.
What browser does WREM support?
WesternREM currently supports the latest versions of the following browsers: Google Chrome Apple Safari Mozilla Firefox Microsoft Internet Explorer WesternREM is also compatible with PC and Mac
What is the warning message for updating forms?
Message reads: "Warning: The project owner must update your project in order to submit this form" The message appears only when there has been an update to the application form(s). The form owner will need to accept the update prior to a) submitting an application and/or b) completing an application you have been working on when the message appeared. Are there any implications to updating the form(s)? Consider these three scenarios: 1) The form has not been submitted, and is still unlocked – Updating the project will have no effect, except any changes in the form you are completing will be updated. 2) The form has not been submitted, but the form has been locked (either by a signature request, or by a signature being completed) – Updating the project will break these signatures or signature requests. Any requests will need to be remade, and any existing signatures will need to be re-given, because they will have been applied to an old version of the form. 3) The form has been signed and submitted – Updating the project will have no effect on any submitted forms.
When is a Department Chair's attestation required?
A Department Chair's attestation is required one time and that is when a submission is determined to require a Full Board review. A Full Board review is determined by the REB. A Department Chair's attestation is requested by the REB (NOT the applicant) during the initial review. This request will not delay the review of the submission. The REB will still continue to conduct the review and communication with the applicant to resolve any outstanding issues.
Addition of study team member (Q1.5 HSREB Amendment AND Q1.8 NMREB Amendment)
If your study was migrated from ROMEO to WREM you MUST include all study team members (CoI, student, research support staff, other) to the amendment. This information was not migrated from ROMEO to WREM.
Why do I not have access to all the REB files I was listed on.
The only individuals that were given access to files that were migrated from ROMEO to WREM were the PI and anyone listed as Research Support Staff. No Co-Investigators, students or those listed as "other" were migrated over. If you do not have access to a file that you were listed on in ROMEO the PI, or form owner, will need to add you back on.
Holiday Office Closure
The Office of Human Research Ethics will be closed in accordance with Western's Holiday Closure Schedule. Holiday Closure dates can be found in the following link:
Questions regarding ReDA or LORA
For any questions regarding the ReDA or LORA systems you will need to contact Lawson at
How to find your expiry date?
1. The expiry date is noted on your approval letters. If the study was approved within 1 year ago, the expiry date will be noted on the initial approval letter. If this study has been active for multiple years, the most recent expiry date will be noted on your last Continuing Ethics Review approval letter. The date by which continuing review must occur will be 1 year from the initial approval date (e.g., if the approval date is Feb 1, 2016, the date by which continuing review must occur is no later than Feb 1, 2017). 2. If you have received an email that indicated that your study HAS expired then you must answer yes to Q2.27 3. Expiry dates can also be found within WREM Login to WREM and select the file you want to know the expiry date Under Project Tree you will see a number of tabs in blue font. Select the Centre tab The expiry date will be listed there
Why on the Project Tree (Initial submission) is there a "yes" or "no" beside the PI name
The "yes" or "no" is for the REB to identify if this research project is supported by the United States federal government (including a study funded by a US government agency)
Saving your work in WREM
The OHRE encourages all users to use the Save button frequently when filling in a WREM form. When navigating through different sections of a WREM form using the 'Next' or 'Previous' buttons your application should also be saved. Please keep in mind that glitches can occur so it is always a good idea to export a PDF of your work before submitting or signing out of the WREM system. To do this you can click on the Print button to export a PDF of your current application.
What is your role as a Supervisor/ PI?
For access to the current Faculty Agreement please see the URL below. *Appendix E will outline some of the Policies and Guidelines for Faculty Members in supervisory roles with Students/ Collaborators/ Assistants in Research environments.*